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New Music: Jakil

March 26, 2017

MusicReview | by Sophia Miles

The only way to describe Jakil is sugary sweet, cavity inducing pop music; even their press release features pink love hearts and emojis. Like a mixture between The Vamps and The 1975, they are the a-typical prototype for a teenage girl’s dream, inducing screams at the sheer mention of their name amongst their fandom. So who are they? Made up of Kieran O’Brien (vocals), Tommy Starfield (bass), Jamie Robertson (guitar), Mikay McTernan (drums) and Liam Narrie (guitar), they are a Scottish indie pop band from Edinburgh who are currently based in East London.

Their new track Every Time We Talk, released under Kira Kira Records, is about falling for someone who is a little bit ‘treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen’. Sound-wise it has murmurings of The 1975’s Girls, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. It is an upbeat single with contrasting song lyrics about a really shitty situation; who doesn’t love adding some misery to an energetic melody, it certainly worked for Morrissey!

There are some smashing The 1975-esque synths and guitar riffs, and Matty Healy style vocals but unfortunately there is just something lacking. There is no deeper meaning or substance behind their lacklustre vocals, ‘you change your mind just like the seasons’ – it just seems cliché and a little too boyband. After listening to their previous offerings such as Unforgivable and Tongue Tied it seems to be much of the same, quintessentially ‘I did you wrong now I want you back’, the sort of lyrics that play to a teenage girl’s sensibilities. It is inoffensive, upbeat mainstream-worthy music and it is super catchy, but you can’t help but feel it will be left behind the likes of The 1975, which their melodies emulate very well.

Currently working on new material, I hope they take some inspiration from their love of ‘80s movies and Fleetwood Mac and make more of an impact in the future.


Words by Lauren E. Hewitt