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New Music: Lex Low

October 16, 2015

MusicReview | by Sophia Miles

Mystery is the latest offering from twenty-two year old songwriter Lex Low from his new EP of the same name. Recorded and self-produced at his home studio in Fulham, this is a single that could easily find a place among the ranks of songs that are produced by artists with years of experience in the business, so it is surprising that this has been created by a relative newcomer to the industry, presumably in a rather basic studio environment.


Lex Low aka Alex Treharne has created a piece that follows the path of tropical house, whilst also dipping into techniques and sounds derived from ’80s synth and pop music. It swells and pulses, mixing synthesisers with throbbing basslines and well polished vocals. One could easily compare the sound – especially the vocals – to a sort of modern Pet Shop Boys.

The EP in general speaks of the infinite allure of a significant other, even when in a long term relationship, and Alex takes much of his inspiration from day to day life. Mystery is the title track, and the second release from the record, after initial tune Addicted Lover recieved high acclaim following its debut. The predecessor again is cool and down tempo, with smooth as silk vocals mixed with a funky riff, something to chill out to after a long day.

It is not hard to see that this is a performer who has found his sound and knows what works well musically within his material. However, at some points the vocals seem a bit disjointed and don’t quite work succinctly with the song; perhaps with adapted production and a more experienced eye he may develop and work out the kinks. Despite that, it is a promising start from Lex Low, who has the potential to create some great sounds, that are unique and inspired by an age that brought some classic tracks.


Words by Lauren E. Hewitt