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New Music: Monarks

April 3, 2015

Music | by Sophia Miles

Having already received great support from BBC Introducing after their first single ‘Chasing You’; British quartet Monarks are back with their rather ironically titled explosive debut EP ‘The End’, released on April 6th.

The record harnesses some enormous sounds and melodies, which linger in a landscape somewhere between being mainstream and post grunge metal.

Monarks have channeled their common influences of Biffy Clyro, Queens Of The Stone Age, Bloc Party and Lana Del Ray well in the four numbers on this EP.


The fiery opener ‘The End’ begins with a heavy masquerade of bouncing guitar sounds that fade out as the husky and mighty vocals of lead singer, Sam Kinsella, kick in. The melodic opening of the song soon hurtles, in a tsunami like fashion, to a chorus of epic proportions. The vivid lyrics, “You paralyse me, so feel no fear, so paralyse me and stay here” are sang in a burning and ardent manner, that fashion a powerful, unique message about love. ‘The End’ also masters the art of a significant break, that hears all of the instruments drop out, leaving only the crisp sounds of rhythm guitar followed closely by heavy drum thuds and a lightening lead guitar riff.

The second track ‘Sirens’ has a more subtle approach and a slower feel, without going all Snow Patrol. It showcases the talent of lead singer Sam Kinsella’s tremendous range of vocals, before siren-like guitars un-root the piece from being classed as an ambient composition as it slowly bursts into a ruckus outro.

War Upon Your Lips’ is probably the most rhythmic of the bunch, with drummer Paul Hawkins thumping away consistently in the background. The thundering drums gallop in equidistance with the steady bass, keeping the tempo at a sprightly pace. The lyrics, “Draw a war upon your lips, the poison that we kiss.” suggest that this offering has deeper connotations than just love.


Be There’ was co produced by Paul Reeve, who has worked on the likes of Muse’s ‘Absolution’, ‘Showbiz’, ‘The Resistance’ and ‘2nd Law’.  It is understandable on hearing it how a member of Muse’s production team would be interested in working with it. It certainly has Muse-like qualities, and would take careful expertise to know how to reign in the volatile sounds to ensure they don’t completely obliterate the speakers it is played through. The song features electrifying guitar riffs and a flying chorus, highlighting the successful intertwining of talent from each member of the band.

On speaking about their new E.P Kinsella states: “It covers love, war, religion and betrayal in all senses. Each member brings a unique influence to the band, so we are excited to see how people react to our first release.”

There is no question that this band is one to experience live. They are playing The Islington in London on April 22nd, followed by The Lomax in Liverpool the following night, with more dates to be confirmed.

Monarks’ debut E.P ‘The End’ is a carefully controlled head-banger that has been weaved cleverly with great melodies and spirited singing. With releases like this, the band certainly has the sound and charisma to play stadium sized gigs and with a rapidly growing following, it may be on the cards sooner than they think.


Dean Robinson