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New Music: Palace Winter

July 14, 2015

MusicReview | by Sophia Miles

If history is anything to go by, a chance meeting between two musicians using public transport is a precursor for a revolutionary career. While it might be too early to call Palace Winter’s members Caspar Hesselager and Carl Coleman the next Jagger and Richards, they do share that point of origin in their musical creation. Except that for these two Danes, their chance encounter came on a tour bus of their native land only last year, the result of which was Palace Winter.


Their debut release is a single called Time Machine, and is the result of their earliest foray into what was their musical unknown, something that followed soon after their conception; it’s a song that proves spontaneous collaborations can result in some pretty great results. With its opening guitars layered with the mildest of effects, Time Machine has something of a Radiohead-esque atmosphere about it, before the hazy lyrics come in carelessly. Somewhere between the nonchalance of the vocals and the constant thrum of the guitars, the record has a tempo that keeps a real energy to it, not allowing you to fade out or lose interest in the track.

When considered that this is the first output from what is by all definitions a musical collaboration in its infancy, the quality of this piece takes on a new light – it has been described by others as being something of an epic, and they’re not far off the mark. Without falling into any cliches, this single is one that you don’t quite want to end, and since giving it the inaugural listen it has already been on repeat for a solid half-hour period.

Both members have previously worked in other bands – Coleman featured in the soft-sounding Americana group Sink Ships, and Hesselager worked under the guise of his solo alt-electronic act My Heart The Brave. It is apparent that both have come from contrasting musical backgrounds as far as their previous projects go, but the combination in those origins have come to form something that is quite different to what they’ve done before. Put simply, their material is pretty impressive and their next release will be eagerly anticipated by one newly-gained fan.


Words by Sion Ford