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New Music: Pell

November 10, 2015

MusicReview | by Sophia Miles

Since Pell’s mix tape Floating While Dreaming gained more than 19 million streams on Spotify, his next project has been a long time coming. Now the artist has returned with his anticipated debut album, Limbo, in partnership with TV on the Radio Dave Sitek’s label, Federal Prism.

After remixing his track 11:Eleven, Sitek partnered with Pell and began trading ideas before getting in the studio together and producing most of Pell’s latest work.


Limbo follows up cohesively to Pell’s first underground release and is clear proof that this rapper is slowly but surely carving his own niche. Singles like Vanilla Sky 2.0 act as confessionals where he owns his weaknesses and modesty all while accepting outside judgement. It portrays Pell as an artist who is more concerned about being as real and honest as he possibly can as opposed to focusing on the superficiality that comes along with the game of fame. He raps, “Seen a different world up close, living a dream I wrote. I’m gonna make mistakes, I know, but I’ll never change my course”.

Though the well-crafted somewhat sombre lyrics stem from a place of wistful discontent, they inspire tranquillity. The tunes within each song flow together extremely well and make for the perfect consistent material. There is strong attention to detail and sequencing in his records, alongside a balance of soulful singing and harder raps that both juxtapose and compliment one another.

Limbo is a musical translation of Pell’s unique story, comprised of focused rapping and layered melodies. The digital realm makes it possible for artists to reach out and no longer be influenced merely by their immediate surroundings. If anything, Pell has strayed as far away as possible from the style of rap that usually resonates with his birthplace of New Orleans.

Limbo came out on November 6th via Federal Prism. The latest single from the LP, Queso, is available now.


Words by Adina Ilie