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New Music: The Wombats

April 5, 2015

Music | by Sophia Miles

It has been a while since Liverpool trio The Wombats released an album, four years to be exact, but this April they are back with their brand new LP ‘Glitterbug. Following the release of ‘Greek Tragedy and ‘Emotions earlier this year, their new single ‘Give Me A Try is yet another taster as to what is to come from this highly anticipated record. The time since their last release ‘This Modern Glitch’, although not necessarily time off, with the group touring and performing at festivals globally, allowed for core songwriter Matthew Murphy to settle into life in Los Angeles, a key inspiration for the new material.


Murphy focused upon the idea of writing about tumultuous relationships with fictional LA gals; which soon became a reality for the Liverpudlian. Bassist Tord Øverland Knudsen and Drummer Dan Haggis remained in London, but their geographical separation didn’t harbour their writing process as backing tracks and lyrics were passed to and fro across the Atlantic.

Give Me A Try is released on the 13th of April to coincide with the ‘Glitterbug’ release on the same day, and it is already available digitally and on Spotify. Produced by Mark Crew (who has previously worked with Bastille) the track is Murphy’s response to dealing with the concerns of dating unattainable women in LA.  It is the bright, upbeat, synthy sound we’ve come to know and love from the band, but Murphy has said of the song that, “It has a far more positive outlook than what you’ve heard from us in the past”, if like he says in the track “taking vicodin on Sunday nights” can be considered as more positive that is. The video shows their lighter side, as we see an array of possible love matches, including the trio, practice their most alluring poses for fictional dating profiles.

The band are due to perform extensively around Europe, including a sold out UK tour, and then later journey to North America where they will play a series of dates over there. Murphy’s time in LA has created some great tracks; let’s just hope they don’t leave us waiting as long for their next album this time.


Lauren E Hewitt