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Nordic Yulefest in Shoreditch

December 3, 2014

EventsLifestyle | by Vicky Ilankovan

Table settingNordic Noir: bleak and often incomprehensible television, in recent times it has been (arguably, very arguably) our biggest import from Scandinavia. So, here at Candid we are happy to announce the arrival of something Scandinavian and cheerful: Nordic Yulefest in Shoreditch ­– a positively Viking Christmas fairyland lined with silver birch trees, marzipan pigs and furry sheepskin.

Running brunch (£55) and dinner (£75) every day through December, the event includes a welcome Christmas cocktail or glass of sparkling wine and a 4-course Nordic-inspired feast. For entertainment, there’s ‘sprites and dancing’ (you’ll really have to find out for yourself – we have no idea), as well as ‘unbridled tomfoolery’ because, after all, who wants their tomfoolery to be bridled. There’s ‘games and treats’ as well – probably like trying to balance a mince pie on your grandpa’s forehead whilst he snoozes after Christmas lunch, but perhaps even wilder (if that’s even possible). The whole thing is lead by a ‘Tomte’, which is kind of like a 3-foot, colourful Scandinavian version of Father Christmas.

For those who are drawn to the sprites, tomfoolery and Tomtes more than the actual feast itself, the award-winning team at Meredith Bespoke are offering cheaper Late Night Frolic Tickets (£20), which skip the dinner but include a cocktail and the intriguingly-named ‘Sweet Scandi-surprises’. Popping up on Kingsland Road, the event has already been listed in the Evening Standard as one of the best Christmas party venues for 2014, and is available for private hire.


For bookings and reservations enquiries, please contact:Sheepskin nooks and tree




The Nordic Yulefest

1 Kingsland Road


E2 8AA

Private Hire:

The Nordic Yulefest is available for private hire from December 1st – 19th 2014.


Tom Livingstone