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Not Dead Yet – Experimental Menswear

April 10, 2018

Fashion | by Wayne Noir

Not Dead Yet is an experimental menswear label from Vancouver. The brand explored identity and sexuality in their autumn/winter 2018 catwalk collection at Vancouver Fashion Week.

Models walked with attitude at Not Dead Yet, wearing latex in black, vibrant yellow and acid green with and overlay of white text that had ‘PICS?’, ‘LOOKING’ and ‘SHAMELESS’ emblazoned across garments.

Not Dead Yet Candid Magazine

Not Dead Yet was one of the most-talked-about shows as Adam-Lin Bungag presented his captivating new collection at Vancouver Fashion Week for the autumn/winter 2018 season.

The brand focuses its attention on experimentation – designs that look beyond trends, styles and societal ideas; ideas that question beauty, grotesqueness, and oddities.

Not Dead Yet Candid Magazine

Not Dead Yet explored identity and sexuality in the collection which was titled SHAME. SHAME was built on the storyline of identity. after the confusion of realising who you are and how you identify, what do you reveal? What are you ashamed to reveal?

Not Dead Yet Candid Magazine

Not Dead Yet Candid Magazine

The Not Dead Yet show gave space to these unspoken questions and gave a voice to our deepest fantasies. I have high hopes for this forward-thinking brand and their quest to reveal the inner thoughts we allude to. After all, fashion is a way of expressing one’s personality, and I’m all for that.

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Photographs of Not Dead Yet by Tristen Williams.