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Okuh Studios Race To Space

July 11, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

Melbourne-bred expat brand, Okuh Studios, known among other things for their 90s-inspired collab with Topman last year, returns with a spring/summer 2018 collection which still keeps us in the fave decade of the millennials, but hops a beat with a nod to the 00s as well. Candid’s Thomas Falkenstedt is intrigued by childhood memories evoked in a collection spanning over his most vivid decades.

The contemporary street wear label Okuh, has a fresh new collection for SS18. The brand that was born in the Melbourne neighbourhood of Fitzroy in Australia has been inspired by the universal language of graphic communication forged by the Space Race for this collection. For kids out there who don’t know what the Space Race is, in retrospect it was a time of innocence and hope, but in reality one of the key points of the Cold War.


The collection includes T-shirts, jumpers and lightweight jackets in stratospheric hues using a vintage pallet of pink, purple, yellow and washed black.


Okuh was established in late 2015 by Co-founders: Creative Director, Mackinlay Smith and Design Director, Tim Cole. Okuh began life in Melbourne, Australia while Mackinlay worked there as a designer. In Late 2015 Mackinlay was forced to return UK and the two friends and past work colleagues combine their passion for clean contemporary shapes and contemporary branded graphics into a new era of Skandanese style, something I find to be the best of, well, all worlds.


In January 2017 the brand launched an exclusive collection in Topman, first on Oxford Street, London and later nationwide. A few months later the brand launch an exclusive collection in Selfridges.

Okuh continues to grow and develop contemporary shapes, fabrics and graphics, influenced by a futuristic modern design and music. If you check out the listening booth on their blog you will find yourself getting lost among classics you didn’t even know existed. 

Check out the collection on Okuh’s website, here.

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