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OPENING: The Ivy Market Grill

November 17, 2014

LifestyleRestaurants & Bars | by Vicky Ilankovan

Ivy-Market-Grill-InteriorThe Ivy fans and foodies alike will rejoice in the announcement of the opening of the new The Ivy Market Grill; whilst The Ivy may well be shortly closing for refurbishment, that certainly doesn’t mean you’ll find us propping up the bar at Wetherspoon. Far from it. The star-studded eatery’s little sister, The Ivy Market Grill, is due to open in its wake and claims to cater to a wider clientele. Whilst it seems that The Ivy won’t be stepping off its pedestal any time soon, it will be letting its hair down a little, befitting its location – slap bang on Covent Garden square.

Spread over two floors in what was once the Covent Garden Hotel back in the 19th century, the new bolthole will open its doors at 1A Henrietta Street on Monday 24th November. With an informal vibe and a good dose of class, The Ivy Market Grill will operate as an all-day restaurant and café, so foodies can fulfill their fantasies in the comfort of The Caprice Restaurant Group’s latest venture whenever they please. An open terrace on the front doorstep lends itself to lazy al fresco afternoons spent watching the hoards go by.

In a nod to its past, the restaurant’s interiors will ooze the faded grandeur of the industrial age with marble table tops, distressed paintwork, mosaic tiles, antique brass chandeliers a-plenty and a striking orange and pewter bar. Head chef Sean Burbidge, who formerly ruled the kitchen at Gordon Ramsay’s Petrus, has concocted a menu designed to take diners from sunrise to sunset and beyond, combining modern British comfort food with a wider international influence.

It’s an initiative that so excites us, that you may well find one (or all) members of the Candid team here eating our way through the day; griddled buttermilk pancakes Garçon? Whyever not. Toasted teacakes for Elevenses? If we must. Lemon sole? Rack of lamb? Lobster cocktail? We’ll have them all thank you very much; it would be sinful not to. In line with the current trend for superfoods, there’ll be “light & healthy” options, but we already know what we’ll be having and it won’t involve kale, but will begin and end with truffled eggs.

Food aside, there’s a cocktail menu, self-described as “simple and straightforward”. We would beg to disagree – neither the Henrietta Maria Treacle (rum Treacle with Havana Especial, Amaro Averna, a dash of fig honey and orange bitters) nor the Inigo Jones’ Fizz (Fragola Tosilini wild strawberry, basic & black pepper, topped with fizz) sound remotely simple or straightforward, but what they do sound is downright delectable. For additional brownie points, the bar also creates its very own gin and Champagne.

With reservations opening today, tables are sure to be snapped up before you can say “The Ivy Market Grill”. And for those who aren’t quick enough to nab a booking ahead, half the space will be saved for first-come-first-served, but show up early – we suspect there’ll be queue of well-heeled revellers around the block.


Reservations: 020 3301 0200 /www.theivymarketgrill.com


Annie Biziou