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Oscar Jacobson AW18 – A New Movement

July 11, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

For autumn 2018, Oscar Jacobson brings together English bovver boy chic and the Scottish Highlands, which forms a collection of subtle elegance combined with a leisurely streetwear kind of vibe. As Always, Candid’s Thomas Falkenstedt loves it when Scandi meets Britain.

The Oscar Jacobson collection suggests newly discovered dramatic landscapes. The Scottish Highlands are the mental setting. Light falls over mountain peaks, some green some snow-capped. The hills float in and out of the shifting mist, and the sense of mystery deepens amid the cold, murky lochs. It almost tosses me back to when I binged Outlander on Netflix in my flat in East London, and that’s basically what Oscar Jacobsson is aiming for this season.

Oscar Jacobson

They are layering up rugged yet polished structures for the challenging climate of northern Scotland which demands garments that withstand the elements. Quintessentially British colours and forms take on more contemporary, relaxed expressions in this autumn collaboration with Abraham Moon.

Oscar Jacobson

The silhouette is boxy, with sharp cut shirt jackets among the core elements. The palette ranges from all shades of green to burnt earthy tones, with the shearling coat taking centre stage. Coordinated accessories accentuate this autumn’s look, linking the hard man to the Highlands. A playful, high-tech highlander if you will.

Oscar Jacobson

Classics like lambswool find new expression. Richly coloured tweed adds a masculine feel to the collection and, as always, men’s fashion from Oscar Jacobson finds uses beyond the normal expectations. If I’m ever to go on a hike, that is what I will be wearing.

Oscar Jacobson

A new type of suit silhouette is just one example. A double-breasted jacket and strong shoulders pair with a straight, slightly broader trouser, perfectly encapsulating the autumn collection. To sum the collection up: heritage meets discovery and playfulness.

You can find the Oscar Jacobson collection on their homepage.

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