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Pacific Rim: Uprising – DVD review

July 11, 2018

DVDFilm + Entertainment | by Candid Magazine

Pacific Rim: Uprising is the sequel to the original 2013 film, this time led by John Boyega, Scott Eastwood and newcomer Cailee Spaeny in the fight against the monstrous Kaiju. Set 10 years after the original, mankind has moved on since the Kaiju were defeated, but the giant fighting robots – Jaegers – are still prepared for the next invasion. It’s hard not to compare this film to its original which became such a smash-hit, especially when Guillermo del Toro’s keen eye is so obviously missing. While del Toro opted to work on the Shape of Water rather than this film (a decision many will forgive),Uprising is still an enjoyable monster film bringing new elements to the franchise but lacks the gravitas we expect.

The film starts with Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) working as a crook stealing old Jaeger parts despite being the son of Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) from the first film. He runs into Amara (Cailee Spaeny) who has built her own illegally made mini- Jaeger ‘Scrapper’; they’re both arrested and are given the choice of enlisting in the Jaeger corps or going to prison. Choosing the corps, Jake and Amara prefer to work alone and have trouble finding their place, with Jake trying to live up to his father and Amara trying to prove her worth as a pilot. They meet with Nate Lambert (Scott Eastwood) as he tries to train a team of new recruits. The younger cast unintentionally makes the film lighter and the stakes not as threatening as it should be, it doesn’t help that it is a funnier film even at its’ most serious.

Pacific Rim: Uprising Candid Magazine
John Boyega in ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’.

On Blu-Ray the film is clear, bright and not a far cry from watching it in the cinema, for an even greater experience it is available in 4K Ultra HD as well as 3D Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital. Bonus features includes deleted scenes and several behind the scenes segments which shed more light on the characters and their development. A segment on the characters played by Charlie Day and Burn Gorman is specifically entertaining as they have as much fun off the screen as they do on the screen. The directors commentary also provides unique insight which fans will find very interesting.

As an entertaining popcorn flick Uprising excels, though it pales in comparison to its predecessor it sets up several plot points for another sequel. The film does add some new elements in the form of Jaeger vs. Jaeger action and a cool twist to the story, making this excellent to lie back on the couch to watch and zone out, while it’s the returning cast who gives the film its depth rather than John Boyega and his fellow newcomers.

Pacific Rim: Uprising is released on DVD/ Blu Ray on the 16th of July, 2018.

Words by Sunny Ramgolam @SunnyRamgolam.

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