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Panache & Marina – Fashion’s Best Kept Secret

September 12, 2017

Grooming | by Candid Magazine

We’ve uncovered a secret place where London’s fashion crew is sneaking off to get pampered and groomed. Tucked down in the basement level of a building in London’s hip Dalston area is the Panache & Marina Skin and Aesthetic Clinic. Why does the fashion crowd flock to Panache & Marina? It just happens to be owned and operated by model, Rahi Chadda.

Television presenter and regular Candid Magazine event attendee, Prince Cassius says, ” I have had the pleasure of two treatments at Panache and Marina Skin & Aesthetic Clinic. When you walk into the clinic you are met with ambience and calm. The energy is so welcoming and you are treated with a high standard of client care. This place is a sanctuary, I can’t place it higher than that. A new hot spot in London that you must visit.”

You’ve likely seen Chadda in a magazine, on the catwalk or on a red carpet. His long tresses and sharp features make him a go-to for casting agents around the world. We sat down with the model-cum-aesthetician following a Diamond Micro-dermabrasion facial – a treatment that we can’t recommend enough. It left us feeling deeply cleansed with an unquestionable glow.

Rahi Chadda of Panache & Marina
Rahi Chadda, model and founder of Panache & Marina

Thanks for talking with us. When did you start modelling?

I started modelling back in 2014 when a photographer friend of mine invited me to his studio and got me to do a test shoot for him. He ended up Instagramming those pictures and they accumulated over twelve thousand likes overnight. Enquiries started coming in from then on.

When and why did you start your own skin and aesthetic clinic?

I fell into the clinic by accident actually. I remember visiting a clinic for regular skin treatments and was so inspired by the idea. But the overall planning and execution of opening the clinic eventually was a whole two-year process. That process really made me realise this is a project I definitely feel passionate about and can see myself doing. I was only twenty when I started it and learnt everything along the way.

Are you able to divulge who goes in to see you? Or do you have to keep it discreet?

I love keeping the privacy of the clientele we have and I think that’s a quality which keeps us unique. We run on appointment only and I like keeping it a boutique clinic that way. We like each client to feel like they have a personalised service that has been catered specifically for them. I’ve built up the customer service and vibe to suit this. We have a variety of clients from the fashion circuit from bloggers, stylists, designers, makeup artists and models.

Rahi Chadda of Panache & Marina
Rahi Chadda, model and founder  of Panache & Marina

Do you have a lot of fellow models that pop in?

We have a few models as our regular clients, and it’s always fun having them around!

And we’ve heard that sometimes you personally do the treatments, is that right?

[Laughs] Let’s keep that a mystery. Let’s just say I have my favourites who are personally taken care of!

We’re coming up to London Fashion Week, what are the top three treatments that you would recommend to get face-ready for LFW?

Ok, so for getting fashion week-ready, I definitely recommend our red carpet facial, skin rejuvenation and laser to zap all those unwanted hairs!

Panache & Marina offers an extensive menu of options and not just for your face. Intravenous therapies include a Diet & Detox Drip, an Antioxidant Drip and a B12 Booster, while the skincare offerings range from hair removal to chemical peels to laser resurfacing. Warning, one trip to Panache & Marina and you will immediately be hooked.

There is still time before the catwalk shows start, book in a treatment.

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