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Peregrine Wool Ride

October 15, 2014

Fashion | by Candid Magazine

A family-run business – eight generations, to be exact – Peregrine prides itself on sourcing its wool and producing garments within the UK, (and with all processes that close to home, it means no nasty surprises, either). The brand has humble beginnings, starting with Thomas Glover over two centuries ago: he made weekly trips to Leicester to purchase spun wool before heading back to Wigston to knit woolen jumpers. An ambitious chap. Each succeeding generation of Glover meant an increase in exports, assets and workforce, while sticking to the brand’s “Made in Britain” belief.

The London Wool Ride took place on Sunday 5th October to support The Campaign for Wool, marking the beginning of Wool Week. Eight members from the Peregrine team (including Tom Glover, Head Designer of Peregrine; blogger Mikolaj from Blue Loafers, and photographer Yu Fujiwara) joined 300 cyclists on a journey around London. It was a day celebrating British-born products: the bikes were hand-built in Cambridge by Quella, while the team donned outfits from Peregrine.

Launched in 2010, The Campaign for Wool was devised to educate consumers about the beneficial and sustainable benefits of the fibre. An unsung hero in the fabric world. Well, it was, but since the Campaign – initiated by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales – demand for wool, both nationally and internationally, has seen a substantial increase. The campaign highlights wool’s natural brilliance: it’s an insulator, preventing heat to escape from homes and thus reducing carbon emissions; the fibre’s crimped structure creates tiny air pockets when bunched together, increasing its breathability, and it’s renewable and biodegradable – so guilt-free harvesting with no harmful waste at the end. Peregrine is right to be proud of utilising such a material.

However, The Campaign for Wool is just one part of a global initiative to promote the use of wool in fashion. The Woolmark Prize – first launched in 1953 and revived in 2008 – is extremely coveted; it encourages designers to take creative control over Australian merino wool. But Peregrine pre-dates this prize. They’ve been playing champion to wool for quite some time. If anyone were to represent Britain, it’d be Peregrine.

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Lewis Firth