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A Guide To Sneaker Heaven – Presentedby

August 14, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

By now you know our Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, is an absolute sneakerhead and rarely leaves his flat without a pair of kicks. He is not alone when it comes to obsessing over beautiful trainers and in London, there’s a true mecca for all things desirable in this genre. We give you Presentedby, a bookmark must for your next trip to London.

In search for sneaker grails, limited edition and rare collectables, London certainly wasn’t the undisputed capital of the world for sneakerheads and sneaker addicts. Enthusiasts and dedicated collectors would go to extremes to get the sneakers, creps and trainers they desired, and in many cases travelling far and wide. Now, with Presentedby, that has changed.


Presentedby wanted to create a go-to place for sneakerheads as well as showcase London’s unique sneaker culture.


They didn’t just want to create a sneaker store, they wanted to create the ultimate sneaker store in the world’s most popular city. It means not only having the most sought-after sneakers (ranging from £100 – £100,000), and offering an interest-free credit facility for sneakers, but also having the world’s ultimate sneaker-cleaning brand’s presence within the store: Crep Protect.


Crep Protect’s market leadership in sneaker care and innovation was the obvious choice to collaborate with in providing a range of cleaning services catering to sneakerheads and enthusiasts, on its home territory.


Bespoke sneaker customs are handcrafted to order.


Good luck copping a pair!


The cleaning studio itself is out of this world, but it costs a penny to keep your favourite kicks crispy clean. On the other hand as an investment, they are worth all the care in the world.

On your next trip to London, or if in town already, check out Presentedby on 15 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1DS and check out their website.

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