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Pringle of Scotland AW15

January 12, 2015

FashionLondon Collections: Men | by Candid Magazine

Knitwear can be a difficult thing to update in relation to producing new textures, styles and testing the colour palette for what will work best in that season. Creative director of Pringle of Scotland, Massimo Nicosia knows this and admitted it was time to look at re-inventing and finding new ways to lift the life of knitwear into something of luxury again.This was achieved, by a range of different fabrics and textures, the addition of leather and fur created a more luxury style to what can be previously seen as simplistic. This collection proved exactly that, it is interesting, and can be re-worked from art. Nicosia was inspired by a tapestry in Edinburgh to re-work the camouflage knit.

Keeping with tradition, there were elements of the show that paid homage to past styles. The diamond cheques made a return in white and grey and a chunky cable-knight cardigan were overshadowed by the chain-mail inspired knits. Expected hues of brown and navies were plentiful within the collection, oxblood reds and racing greens kept sexy in the Autumn feel. Leather and cashmere textures complimented the accessories of large snoods and shiny oak brown brogues.

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Jessie Roseblade