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A Public Announcement For Animals And Cashmere

October 31, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

A Public Announcement is a Swedish cashmere brand featuring iconic animal prints.

A Public Announcement, from Sweden, create cashmere garments of the highest quality with trade mark animal prints in an attempt to increase the wellbeing of animals. The cashmere pieces are made out of one hundred per cent cashmere in Florence, Italy and our Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, guides us through the new collection.

Public announcement

Most people appreciate elephants

A Public Announcement finds a great deal of inspiration from New York, where founder and designer, Viktor Söderholm, was active for many years. The aesthetics behind the brand are characterised by quality as well as patterns that have gained recognition from around the world. A Public Announcement first launched the elephant jumper for the mere reason that most people appreciate elephants and what the elephant stands for, being the Hindu god of luck.

This season we see three new animal patterns – the fox, the lion and the crab. All three come in a jacquard knit.

Public announcement

Transparency and sustainability

The handicraft behind the knitwear is a thorough and time-consuming process which requires a lot of patience. The cashmere comes from inner Mongolia, from farms that are able to show transparency in their production and a focus on sustainability.

A Public Announcement has insight in every step of the process, from the collection of yarn through to the final product. The wool, from tame and free-range goats is prepared through combing before it is spun in to yarn.

I often stress the importance of fashion companies taking responsibility to work for a better world and hence applaud the brand for doing so in every step of their production.

Public announcement

A Public Announcement’s pieces are anything but basic. The company is a forerunner in how fashion should always be done without compromising on making fashion fun and smart at the same time. Pop a few fun animal prints into your wardrobe this season and you’ll have an icebreaker for any conversation ahead.

Public announcement

A Public AnnouncementIt is now available to buy online via their website.

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