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Review: C2C – TETRA

February 14, 2013

Music | by Danny & Josh


‘Turntabalism’ is the art of creating music and manipulating sounds using phonograph turntables. With apps available at a click, it’s easy for anybody to mimic and create samples without needing to learn the original skill. Tetra, the new studio work from C2C is a refreshing listen of a technically well-produced album. In these current times of one off hits powering channels like Majestic Casual’s YouTube, you don’t hear this authentic production in many albums today.

C2C, previously known as Coups2Cross, are a French turntable group from Nantes who formed in 1998. The group consists of four members, 20Syl and Greem from Hocus Pocus, alongside Atom and Pfel from Beat Torrent. C2C have won numerous awards throughout the years including Disco Mix Club World Team DJ Championship four years in a row (2003-2006) their skills coming across fluently throughout their album.

From start to finish, Tetra provides an enthusiastic new take on Funk with hints of Jazz and summer flair. An impressive list of instruments makes up an electric sound complimenting perfectly with the turntables. This includes keys, string, brass, bass, guitar and more, producing original Motown beats with Hip Hop vibes rather than borrowed sounds and scratches.

Listening to this album I can’t resist reflecting on other turntable artists. Their style feels influenced from Scratch Perverts and DJ Shadow with tracks such as Le Banquet featuring Tiger Style really cutting across with what they are originally about. It seems C2C have opted for a more pop route for their studio album with their music being catchy and sounding fit for daytime radio.


The whole album is feel good, granted its 14 tracks and nearly 65 minutes long, perhaps a few tracks could have been produced as B sides coming across as album fillers. There’s an impressive list of featuring artists such as Pigeon John and Olivier Daysoul providing each track with a different and very satisfactory atmosphere. This includes a few new emerging names such as Rita J, an artist from Chicago who introduces urban lyrics with slick vocals on Kings Season.

C2C’s Tetra is a perfect addition to your music library, familiar techniques with a fresh lick of paint that will not disappoint. Tetra is available online now and C2C are playing KoKo in London on March 14th.

In the mean time, listen to C2C’s Radio 1 essential mix with IE Merge, showcasing the DMC World Team & Individual Mix Champions from 2005.In this you’ll hear their original style, making it very easy to understand their champions title. A different vibe to their studio album, although showing their diverse genre interests and talent also featuring previous work from Hocus Pocus.

Both are great and it is interesting to see where they have come from in the past 5 years. They are true turntable stars; their studio album is impressive although I imagine that seeing them live is where the real experience lies.

Listen to it here on Mixcloud – http://www.mixcloud.com/lolmax/c2c-iemerg-essential-mix-bbc-radio-one-2005/

Alice Franklin