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Review: Come As You Are

June 7, 2013

Film + Entertainment | by Francesco Cerniglia


It’s probably safe to say that a lot of you have seen The Inbetweeners and I’m sure just as many have seen the movie; well prepare yourselves for something along the same lines but with a twist. Geoffrey Enthoven’s Come As You Are is an absolutely delightful foreign language film about three young men who decide to go on a lad’s holiday in order to lose their virginity. The only thing is, they are all living with disabilities.

Cracking the conventional mould, this film is a feel-good, charming and funny tale of three men in their twenties who simply just want to break away from their parent’s strict but well-meaning hold with the aim of doing what every other testosterone fuelled bloke wants – to have sex. Jozef (who is blind), Philip (paraplegic) and Lars (who is confined to a wheelchair with a terminal brain tumour) decide to embark on a ‘wine tour’ aided by Claude, their driver who, to their horror, just so happens to be a woman. As their adventure becomes increasingly fraught with catastrophe upon catastrophe, it seems as though their dream may never come true and they are left feeling as though instead, they are destined to live with every young man’s nightmare.

From the outset, this film is a hoot. None of the characters wallow in their disabilities, instead playing on them to comical effect and taking the micky out of each other and themselves. The introduction of the seemingly perturbed Claude also adds a brilliant edge to the groups chemistry as the boys help her just as much as she them. Come As You Are is dealing with themes and issues not readily accessible in many mainstream films but it doesn’t mean that viewers will find anything here they may not easily understand and in fact, many will find themselves identifying with each character.


Deservedly winning the Audience Awards at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2012, the European Film Awards 2012 and the Montreal World Film Festival 2012, as well as the Grand Prix des Amerique and a special jury mention at the Montreal World Film Festival 2012, this film is as inspirational as it is witty and hilarious. The performances are all fantastic, especially for their portrayals of a cross section of society unfortunately not shown in a lot of films.

If you’re a fan of such films as The Intouchables, Rust and Bone and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly then I insist you check out this little gem.

Samuel Sims, Senior Film Editor.

Come As You Are is released in cinemas today.