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Review – Goodbye Labrador

August 7, 2012

Music | by Danny & Josh

Nostalgia is a fascinating subject. Having a sentimental longing for the past and wanting what we can’t have is intriguing and warming. An essence has been well and truly present over the past year and I can’t help but feel a bit of déjà vu alongside of it. ‘Goodbye, Labrador’ have embraced nostalgia in a fresh way, standing out with their new EP which despite their title is unique, brimming with character, showing their clear use of inspiration rather than repetition.

Having members placed in Barcelona, Brooklyn and Prague you can feel the culture throughout. Goodbye, Labrador formed in 2008 seeing of Martin Pipal (guitar and vocals) Phil Gold (guitar, percussion and vocals) Gonçalo Hipolito Martins (bass and vocals) and J.M Silverman (drums and percussion)

2010 held the release of their first self-titled EP although now they return with their second ‘A Thousand Times Before’. Despite the bands long distance relationship and recording sessions over Skype, they have produced an EP filled with presence and charm. European ethereal is mixed with the perfect amount of melodic post punk.

‘A Thousand Times Before’ opens with ‘Intrepid’, a track which stays with you long after it’s short-lived time.  The vocals are a refreshing listen working with the music rather than overpowering, an enchanting balance between speech and song entwining at pitches from word to word. Guest female vocalist Sara Sezifredo appears throughout with delicate quirk adding a layer of romantic consonance to their well-crafted tracks, where ‘Sirens’ experiments with aura having an indelible sense of unstableness.

The EP is lead with guitar riffs and soaring chorus’s especially within ‘Falling Away’. There’s magnetism and strength making this one of the more significant tracks laced with a pop twist. Where as ‘Embrace The Stranger’ doesn’t differ much from ‘The Silence of Me’, blending together, both having progressive structure, ringing guitars and a strong bass, although J.M Silverman keeps an enduring post-rock vibe with the drums.

‘Goodbye, Labrador’ step away from a predictable finishing with ‘Memoir’, a song that carries the emotions of what I felt the whole album is about. The rhythm and drones flow beautifully, subtly changing to a more somber finish, tying the EP together on a memorable ending.

This EP shows how ‘Goodbye, Labrador’ use their expertise to produce songs with different energy. They lead you through an 80’s dream state with a touch of revitalizing familiarity, perfect for your hazy, nostalgic, summer days.

Listen to ‘A Thousand Times Before’ through their Soundcloud or alternatively buy the EP which is out now.


Alice Franklin