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Review: Iron Man 3

April 24, 2013

Film + Entertainment | by Francesco Cerniglia


Get your 3D glasses ready – you’re in for a serious action-packed ride. Iron Man 3 is jam-packed with a lot of fancy sci-fi grid work, expensive machinery and explosions.

One thing the ladies will definitely notice is the amazing outfits Gwyneth Paltrow flaunts as Iron Man’s leading lady, Pepper. Her character’s gone a long way from the sweet secretary to this incredibly powerful boss woman. You’ll love the way she cracks her whip on Tony Stark. But it doesn’t stop there. Pepper’s got a little crush! The evil villain, Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) resurfaces after a brief and vague flashback to a moment in Tony’s life before Iron Man. He’s back looking better than ever and on a serious mission to take over the world or something with an army of unstable fiery men. Don’t worry, though. Tony’s got a few ex-girlfriends that make appearances as well. The happy couple gets in a bit of a rut as America continues to get terrorist threats by someone called “The Mandarin.” If there’s anything to look out for, Pepper gets her feet wet and actually throws in a few jabs herself. “Wow, that was very violent.” That’s what she said.

As if we couldn’t get enough laughs out of Iron Man’s mental behaviour, Ben Kingsley joins in the fun with even more silly shenanigans. Look out for a little taste of British humour thanks to some clever scriptwriting from Scots writer Drew Pearce.

Since it took two years to make this film, you can imagine Robert Downey Jr had plenty of time to settle into his character and make it his own. It’s like he’s your best mate, a bit rough around the edges, but basically a good guy. Rather than playing on the whole wounded hero element, it’s a lot more realistic in terms of a guy that made his break over one thing and is struggling to go further with it.

The best part about Iron Man 3 is the new character, Harley (Ty Simpkins). Never underestimate the power of an un-cool kid. He’ll know when to strike back at bullies when the time is right. Tony Stark makes a great mentor and his equally childish character makes this duo especially endearing.


You get a very good deal of special effects, violence and other lively lad-focused scenes to satisfy your purchase. Watch this film in 3D. It’s not worth it otherwise – especially the bit about Iron Man’s umm… posse. Because you know, everyone’s gotta have a hobby.

Amanda Chen.

Iron Man 3 explodes onto screens this Thursday 25th April.