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Life Is A Marathon – Rockport DresSport 35th Anniversary

April 27, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

Did you run the London Marathon this year? If not, don’t worry, there are plenty more to look forward to, both in the UK as well as elsewhere. While our Fashion Editor Thomas Falkenstedt might not feel like participating this year, he will at least give you a glimpse to an iconic shoe from Rockport launching next week in a limited edition.

Boston-based, Rockport launch the highly anticipated DresSports 35th Anniversary Limited Edition on May 4th. A true icon in the production of dress/sports hybrid footwear technology, the shoe made headlines in 1990 when Rockport’s Vice President, Tony Post famously ran the New York Marathon wearing the product.


Produced with style, comfort and performance at the forefront, Rockport DresSports ensure uncompromising agility through the daily commute. To put it through its paces, ultra-marathoner and photographer Dan Carter took to the streets of London with his hectic schedule, wearing the latest edition. The shoe fuses two realms of innovation seamlessly and Dan’s record of the day displays its unique ability to perform as a sports shoe, when a more stylish silhouette is required.


Ultra flexible and lightweight, Rockport’s anniversary interpretation of the DresSports features classic brogue detailing atop a white biomechanically designed EVA outsole complete with a silver stripe, reflective underlay, and the brand’s truTech technology for shock absorption. A ‘35’ emblem on the backstay heel of the shoe serves as a subtle nod to the design’s milestone anniversary.


Life truly is a marathon and with London 2018 completed for another year, Rockport DresSports provide the ultimate footwear solution in maximising every second spent on the go. Rockport’s forthcoming edition truly blurs the lines between sports and formal footwear and the brand’s ‘Life Is A Marathon’ campaign (produced by Dan Carter) delivers a perfect testament to the shoe’s true potential.

Check out the video where Dan Carter took the shoes on a test during a typical day in his hectic life.

The DresSport 35th Anniversary edition will retail for £115 and be available exclusively at John Lewis.

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