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Sam Callahan releases Stitches and Scars

September 30, 2018

Music | by Wayne Noir

Wayne Noir reviews Stitches and Scars, the newest release from Sam Callahan.

The life of singer and songwriter Sam Callahan, has been a whirlwind since his appearance on the tenth series of The X Factor back in 2013. The singer is happy to announce that he is fully in love with the music he’s creating now and says his upcoming single Stitches and Scars is his most real and honest creation yet.

Stitches and Scars delves in to the honest truth of the star’s past and shines a new light on the power of overcoming the mountains he’s had to tackle along the way. The single gives the listener no doubts as to why Sam Callahan has been spoken about, much deservedly, as the music industry’s hardest working young artist time and time again over the last few of years.

Both the song and the music video for Stitches and Scars do nothing short of feeding your soul with the hope and motivation to never give in and to achieve everything you ever set out to.

Stitches and Scars is about remembering the reason why you started out on this journey in the first place and that the sky truly is the limit.

2018 has been an incredibly busy year for the young pop star

Kicking off by achieving his first Top 100 chart hit back in December, Sam Callahan then released his second single Say Something with independent record label Mean Recordings, which led to Sam embarking on his very own UK headline tour.

Sam Callahan

This third single of the year, Stitches and Scars shows Sam as an artist, in a maturing new light, in a way that we haven’t yet seen him before.

His lyrics engage the listener to put themselves in his shoes, to understand the struggles he’s written about in the music and to relate to Stitches and Scars as anybody most definitely can.

Jam-packed with catchy melodies, honest heartfelt emotion and fantastic play-on-words phrases, the song is definitely one to watch by all accounts. Sam Callahan continues his rise as an authentic original artist with this third track of his own carefully-crafted music masterpieces.

He has continued to deliver amazing music that reaches into the hearts of his audiences throughout this year, something which will surely lead him to top the bill of the main stage at festivals near you in a short time to come.

Watch Stitches and Scars here:

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