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Influencers Unite: Samuel Bensoussan Talks Style with Felix Pacaut

November 21, 2017

Fashion | by Samuel Bensoussan

Meet Felix Pacaut, the model who’s about the break the internet. Candid Magazine’s Fashion Contributor, Samuel Bensoussan sits down with the Paris-based Felix Pacaut in an exclusive interview.

Felix Pacaut Candid Magazine

Hi Felix, where are you from and what do you?

Hey Sam, I’m from Paris. I’m still in school and also work as a model and sometimes as a YouTuber with my girlfriend, Danaë and my Squad!

I can see on your Instagram that you’ve got a serious fashion sense; is fashion something you would consider as a career after school? 

I love fashion. I also dream to go to a big university somewhere out of France and to discover the world. I’ve always been passionate about travel, and the modeling industry is different all around the world.

Felix Pacaut Candid Magazine

Where do you take your style inspiration from?

Mostly my friends and their social media profiles. Instagram is such a powerful tool today.

You’re right; how did you get started on Instagram? 

At the time, I didn’t have any idea of what Instagram could bring to someone like me, but I found out that people were interested in what I was posting and a lot of my followers started looking at my profile regularly. I now like to share mostly my fashion and travel diaries and my friends.

Felix Pacaut Candid Magazine

Felix Pacaut Candid Magazine
Felix Pacaut with Cameron Dallas at an event in Paris.


Do you have any favourite designers? 

Yes, Jerry Lorenzo. I think his creations will be around for generations.

See Felix Pacaut as part of Samuel Bensoussan’s 8 Summer Style for Candid Magazine.

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