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Sanderson Hotel Launches Healthy Nourish Package

February 16, 2016

Sanderson Hotel Nourish Restaurant Healthy Menu 2

Struggling to keep that new year diet on track? You’re not alone. Luckily, iconic West End hotel Sanderson is on hand with its Nourish Package, the ideal solution to beat away those carb-craving winter blues.

Making good use of Sanderson’s restaurant, which recently played host to a popular Allan Pickett residency, the Nourish menu comes as the result of a partnership with the super glamorous Karen Cummings-Palmer, an international health, beauty and nutrition expert. Teaming up with Sanderson’s Executive Chef Matthew Marshall to source seasonal, local and organic produce that is full of iron, vitamins and goodness, she has planned to ‘redefine comfort food’ for those who love to eat out, without compromising on their desire to be healthy.

Sanderson Hotel Nourish Restaurant Healthy Menu 3

Although no competition for a creamy linguine or a delicious mozzarella-laden pizza, the menu does provide some stand-out dishes that manage to be both tasty and nutritious (you’ll not forget the succulent wild venison served with shiitake mushrooms and black rice in a hurry). Packing a vitamin-filled punch, the menu has enough variety to keep all dinner guests happy, whether they want a hit of lean red meat in the form of the delightful venison or prefer the more delicate green tea smoked haddock (which definitely smells far stronger than it tastes).

Salads are plentiful and as nutrient-rich and anti-oxidising as you can imagine, with more healthy buzzwords than you can shake a stick at (hello kale, sprouted chickpeas and ancient super grains to name just a few). Desserts are surprisingly indulgent given their low fat and sugar content, with the coconut milk and banana ice-cream being a particular guilt-free highlight.

Sanderson Hotel Nourish Restaurant Healthy Menu 1

Complementing this super-healthy menu are rejuvenating body and skin treatments in Sanderson’s agua spa. A Hot Stone Massage or NUXE Booster Facial have been hand selected by regional spa director Jacqueline Kneebone to be enjoyed cocooned within the spa’s 3,000 yards of floor-to-ceiling white silk.

The package includes an overnight stay at Sanderson, a three course lunch or dinner from the Nourish menu and one of the spa treatments detailed. Available until 31st March, prices start from £639 and also include an in-room carrot, beet, kale and ginger juice per person.

Sanderson Hotel Nourish Menu Healthy London


Words by Sophie Coughlan