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Seven Feet Apart x Jamie Oliver

October 4, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

Jamie Oliver puts his pans aside to create a sneaker collab with Seven Feet Apart.

Some might argue that white sneakers are solely for summer use only. Our Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, is known for not wearing anything but white sneakers all year long and hence gives us an update on what Jamie Oliver is up to together with Seven Feet Apart.

Seven Feet Apart

Heading back a few years, I remember watching The Naked Chef as a teenager in New York back in 1999 being utterly disappointed that the cute guy on the show wasn’t naked at all. From then onward Jamie Oliver has become a household name in cooking, charity and campaigning for societal issues.

Today he holds an empire of food-related ventures – restaurant Jamie’s being the crown jewel of the collection. Now, seeing him move into sneakers in this collab with Seven Feet Apart had me sceptical at first, but check them out and you’ll be convinced of the opposite, just like I was.

Seven Feet Apart

The principal designer of independent sneaker brand Seven Feet Apart, Antoine Delapierre says that the beauty of the white sneaker is in its versatility.

It’s great with shorts and chinos on holiday or dashing through summer showers in the city. It’s a footwear style that never fails to look fresh.

If you ask me, I wouldn’t limit the wearing of a beautiful white sneaker only to summer, as a white sneaker can be ever so crisp even against a backdrop of snow.

Seven Feet Apart

With lineage tracing back to the Industrial Revolution, the sneakers of Seven Feet Apart pair prime Italian leather with forward-thinking British design, thus creating a shoe founded on comfort, and built to last.

Seven Feet Apart

The approach has been to create lasting change – a high value can come at a fair price, and each pair of the shoes leave a meaningful footprint in the community.

Sevens (as the kicks are called) are designed in St Albans in the UK. Each pair is crafted by hand for outstanding performance in family-run workshops in Portugal.

See the collection on the Seven Feet Apart website.

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