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Shopcade @ LFW

February 11, 2014

FashionLFW | by Danny & Josh


Candid Magazine received an invitation with a bus on it inviting the fashion team to the Shopcade London Fashion Week Bus Party, so of course, we’ve gone behind the scenes to sort out what it is, who’s behind it and exactly how wild of a party it will be.

Shopcade, if you haven’t heard about it yet, is the world’s biggest mobile and web-based shopping app for teen fashionistas across the UK and America. The CEO, Nathalie Gaveau told us, “Shopcade’s aim is to be the one-stop shop for fashionistas and London Fashion Week is the perfect place to let the world know about it. We target young and social consumers who want to look and feel really good.”

In a disruptive, three-day double decker party bus, parked opposite Somerset House on the Strand, Shopcade intends to tell the world. The bus will be fitted with a DJ booth, and open bar, a mini makeover area by backstage makeup artists, AOFM Pro, and a red carpet photo area and all photos sessions be immediately uploaded onto Shopcade’s website. We got to see the upper deck being magentafied in light – Shopcade’s logo colour.


To add to the fun, cult London label Rodnik has collaborated with team Shopcade on iconic T-shirts that will be given out to bus visitors, and Philip Colbert, the brand’s creative director will be hosting the party on day one. Philip says, “Funnily enough, before we met we were fans of the Shopcade site – the amazing filter of cool fashion available to buy online! And it turned out they are based ‘round the corner from our studio by Portobello Road. After we met, we def felt a fun synergy between the two brands, and we thought it would be fun to do wee collab for their fashion week party bus! We love double deckers”.
We asked Philip what the T-shirt artwork was all about, why ‘SO HOT’ soup? “The Rodnik Band is a pop art inspired label. We like to walk a humorous line between art and fashion. We like the idea that clothes can be seen as wearable artworks! And we wanted to do something bold and iconic that taps into that spirit. And the Warhol pop icon of the soup can is for sure the most iconic symbol to capture that. We also like the fun and anti-fashion statement of the soup can. By calling the Soup ‘SO HOT’ we are playfully referencing the idea that it’s fashion soup and it makes you HOT. We feel that when fashion takes itself to seriously it can kills the spirit that makes it inspiring. By wearing the baggy T, you can you share in the fun spirit of irreverence, you understand fashion is ridiculous and you embrace the fact that it’s greatest value is escapism and fantasy.”


British indie pop singer-songwriter, model and record producer, V V Brown will be hosting the party on the 17th, and there will be live DJ sets from some of the capital’s top bands and DJs: Fake Club, The Glitter Beats and songstress Gabby Young, of Gabby Young and Other Animals. Nathalie adds, “We wanted to devise a campaign that projected the playful, street spirit at the heart of Shopcade and having a fun party bus where up-and-coming DJ’s, fashion influencers and stylists can mingle together seemed the best way to do it!”

The party bus is designed as a place for LFWers to hang out in between shows. Press can even use the space to conduct interviews. We also got the inside snippet as to who’s expected to grace the party on wheels: Hilary Alexander, MTV’s Becca Dudley, The Heartbreaks…and more from the world’s of fashion and music. Shopcade’s creative director Hoon Kim says, “The Shopcade Mobile Bus Party is a living extension of the Shopcade Mobile Fashion App. Inside, you’ll be able to hang with stylish musicians, celebrities, bloggers, designers and fellow fashionistas in one place, so any fashion lover can catch up on emerging styles immediately.”

Hoon goes on to say, “We’re also about providing a platform where you can share your personal styles, so be prepared to be photographed, interviewed, and featured on the app on the fly at the event. This party is just the beginning – Shopcade will roll out monthly fashion events that celebrate the style-conscious youth of today, as they are fast emerging as the biggest influencers of fashion with the rise of social apps like Shopcade and Instagram.”

The shopcade bus is definitely the place to be this season, we’ll be live tweeting all the action.

You can download the Shopcade app from the iOS store here or the Android store here

For more details on the bus party, contact Forward PR: shopcade@forwardpr.com

Harriet Bowe for Candid Magazine