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Shorn Launches Sparkling Wine

October 18, 2016

Food & DrinkLifestyle | by Annie Biziou


Sparkling wine is on the up and up (not that it was ever really down), which is good news all of us except the poor wine producers struggling to stand out from the crowd. That’s presumably where New Zealand producer Shorn (as in, like sheep) found themselves, but fear not, they found a solution: show off how soft their bubbles are.

In case you’re wondering, the new Shorn Fizz comes with “super soft” bubbles, as opposed to those nasty hard bubbles that’ll beat you up and nick your wallet. How have they made their bubbles so super soft, I hear you ask? “By turning the wine into ‘rain’ that falls through a special atmosphere,” the press release helpfully explains, which has left us none the wiser.

I suppose what matters is the end result though, and in a weird sort of way the bubbles really are quite soft. The end result is rather effervescent – a bit like fizzy sherbert, but more alcoholic. Beyond the bubbles, the wine itself is a carbonated take on Shorn’s existing pinot grigio. It’s fruitier and less acidic than your average prosecco, making it a smoother drink – although then again, maybe that’s just the bubbles talking.

Try it with:

Fizz 75

50ml gin
1 tsp sugar
15ml lemon juice
Top with Shorn Fizz
Garnish with a lemon twist

This is a pretty simple twist on the classic French 75 cocktail, but the apple and pear flavours of the wine complement the lemon nicely – and let you get away with a drier gin that you might normally use.

Simply mix the gin, sugar, and lemon in a chilled shaker with ice. Shake vigorously, and strain into a champagne flute (or a coupé, if you want to play up its ‘20s origins). Top it up with Shorn Fizz, and garnish with a simple lemon twist.


Words by Dominic Preston