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Adapt Your Routine – Shwop

May 8, 2012

Fashion | by Candid Magazine


Our relationship with rules started when we were young. Learning the rules in order to break them. How far can we put our foot across the line… what can we get away with without being caught? When we were younger it was our parents rules. But once we’ve flown the nest without our parents to defy we break the ones we make for ourselves.


Rules are merely a guideline. Why waste your whole life drawing lines and putting boundaries in place when you could spend your life trying to cross them. Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is what we really need. With age comes wisdom and you learn which rules you can break and which ones are there for a reason.


With the new season comes a new optimism. A new mood and thinking – It has come from the season before, whether you can see the influence or not it brings about the new change. The new rules.



We clear out the old….making space for the new. Sometimes there are points in our life when we need to do this for ourselves. Blow the cobwebs out. Shed our skin and come out of hibernation a new person almost, one with the marks of the old but fresh and revitalized.

So this season, break some fashion rules by making the most of initiatives like ‘Shwop,’ a collaboration between Marks and Spencer’s and Oxfam giving something old a new lease of life.


Words by Helen Spencer