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Sons of

July 29, 2012

FashionOnline Editorial | by Candid Magazine

Sons of Photographed by Chistopher Fields

Stylist: Sophie Emmett
Stylist assistant: Meena Bhella

Grooming: Lauren Frederick
Grooming Assistant: Naomi Sumpter

Sons of:

Models: Aggelos, Christopher Scott-Harden, David Valensi, Didyer, Etem, Farris, Harry Curran, Jake Briski from AMCK and Ben Waters and Dylan from Models1

Etem’s Trousers by Byungmun Seo, Didyers Trousers by William Richard Green and David Valensi’s Trousers by Byungmun Seo


Harry wears Top by Matthew Miller, Waistcoat & Trousers by Breaks, Shoes by Grenson

Aggelos wears Jacket by Byngmun Seo, Trousers by Cheap Monday and Shoes by Grenson


Dylan wears car shirt by Trine Lindegaard and Suit by Baartmans and Siegel


Ben Waters wears Shirt by Breaks, Shorts by Oscar Quiroz, Jumper by Cheap Monday and Shoes by Hudson


Harry Curran wears suit by Matthew Miller


David Valensi wears Top by Buki Akib and Trousers by Baartmans and Siegel


Faris wears Jacket by Trine Lindegaard and Top by Markus Lupfer

8Dylan wears car Shirt by Trine Lindegaard


Didyer wears shirt by Breaks and Shorts by Markus Lupfer


Faris wears Top by Markus Lupfer and Knee-Zip Trousers by Trine Lindegaard


Harry Curran wears Top by Matthew Miller and Waistcoat by Breaks


Aggelos wears Jacket by Byungmun Seo, Top by William Richard Green, Trousers by Cheap Monday and Shoes by Grenson


Christopher Scott-Harden wears a One-Piece by Byungmum Seo


Ben Waters wears Shirt by Breaks, Shorts by Oscar Quiroz and Jumper by Cheap Monday


Christopher Scott-Harden wears One-Piece by Byungmun Seo and Shoes by Grenson

Jake wears Trousers by William Richard Green, Gold Shoulder Piece Stylists Own and Shoes by Hudson