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Sørensen launches Issue 6

May 1, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

Don’t be fooled by the name. Despite the name of the brand, our Scandi-based fashion editor Thomas Falkenstedt is actually staying on the British isles while talking about Sørensen and the brand’s effortlessly-stylish, yet casual style.

There’s ‘basic’ and then there’s ‘basic!’, and stylish British menswear brand Sørensen certainly knows the difference. Forget about rapid-fire trends and unsubstantiated hype, and keep it simple and classic in Sørensen’s must-have staples. From the tees to polos, classic-style chinos and stylish shirts, Sørensen has every stylish man’s spring/summer wardrobe essentials covered. True to its intention not to follow the most immense trends, but certainly in tune with all things style, Sørensen launches Issue 6, a collection immersed in effortless style.


Created by Wayne Sorensen, formerly the design director of Orlebar Brown, Sørensen is challenging the trend-led fashion mill with an updated approach to style, based upon the work ethic of working archetypes.


Continuing with the core archetypes, the DRIVER, the ENGINEER, the DANCER, the BUTCHER, the OFFICER, the PAINTER and the SEAFARER, Sørensen’s style remains rooted in a distinct sense of purpose.


Harnessing a critical sense of authenticity, the collection fuses manufacturing and styling references that echo historic workwear garments of the archetype.


This, coupled with personal items from their own archive, as well as key collaborative input from professionals currently working in each of the industries that the archetype pay tribute to, the collection presents confident, precise and timeless hero pieces which offer the wearer core values to aspire to or draw inspiration from.

Add a pair of white kicks and some nice socks and you have an easy, yet fashionable style to hit the streets with, without being an archetype.

Sørensen’s new launch can be found on their webpage as well as at Harvey Nichols and Matchesfashion.com.

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