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Spin at Magma: A 360° Living Portrait Of A Design Studio

July 29, 2015

ArtsBooks | by Harry Seymour

The art bookshop magma is something of an institution – a bastion of print in the digital age; it has always pushed to preserve the physical, even if combined with digital technologies. Founded in Seven Dials in 2000 by two friends who met while working in the failing bookstores of the art-literature microcosm of Charing Cross Road, Magma has persevered through the tough time times seen by other art bookshops. This is mainly due to their clever diversification in to a brand encompassing their own recognisable range of products, magazines and art.

Spin at Magma, 2015
Spin at Magma, 2015

A new exhibition at the Seven Dials branch of Magma celebrates the London design studio Spin. Based in London, Spin has a strong international reputation for its work in identity, print, moving image, retail, digital and environmental graphics. Their designs are confident yet elegant, strong and powerful yet charming – they are widely recognised as one of the leading graphic design voices at work today. Spin has consistently managed to toe the fine line between developing a refined and assertive individual style (steeped in design history) whilst presenting themselves as internationally communicative. The show combines posters, prints and client work, as well as original pieces specially produced for the event.

Spin has produced graphic designs for some of art world heavy weights including Christies and Hauser and Wirth. Their works are cleverly accurate depictions of visual culture, and very much of the now. This exhibition brings together some of their most striking and influential designs to purchase as both prints and as a collective book – a cannily Magma style set up and partnership.

By Thomas Theckitt

From the 29th July – 4th September, daily, at Magma, 8 Earlham St, Seven Dials, London WC2H 9RY