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Your New Secret Weapon: STOER

April 24, 2017

Grooming | by Candid Magazine

We all know that climate change is real, right? – current American presidential administration aside. So what does this mean for our skin – our most environmentally-exposed organ? The effects of air pollution, ultra-violet radiation and the increased spread of bacteria are all on the menu for a transforming planet. But do not despair; we have discovered your new secret weapon: STOER. Named after a coastal village in Sutherland in the Highlands of Scotland, STOER is a men’s grooming brand that is set to revolutionise your skin.

Designed specifically for men, to protect and defend in response to growing environmental concerns, Marianne Morrison (whose roots can be traced to the township), developed STOER as a ‘range of high-tech but easy-to-use products that act as the ultimate defence shield for men’s skin’. Sign. Us. Up.

For Morrison and her team, the key to the brand is the ingredients; the elements that will ‘help improve the look and feel of skin but protect it from pollution, adverse weather and inside environmental aggressors like central heating’. Exhaustive trials and research have resulted in their signature formula: Clima5 Technology – a power-blend of five skin-saving plant actives from a variance of harsh climates. To deliver its highest level of potential, Clima5 is enrobed in cosmetic drone technology, and then released deep into the skin where its extracts can work their magic.

Backing up, let’s break down cosmetic drone technology. CDT wraps the active ingredients in microscopic biocompatible capsules that are able to penetrate the skin’s natural barrier. These capsules are  then absorbed into targeted skin cells. The primary mission? To improve the appearance and the feel of the skin.

What’s inside the Clima5 Technology blend?


Peat Moss: Sourced from Scotland, peat moss acts as a shield and a rehydration agent. Its job is to retain moisture, to plump and to even skin tone.
Alpine Plant: Harvested from the Italian Alps, this Ice Age-survivor has admirable adaption qualities and is focused on protecting and repairing, resulting in renewed dermal skin cells.
Baobab Leaf: Plucked from Baobab trees in West Africa, this extract provides suppleness for the ageing layers of the skin – in other words, it reduces to appearance of wrinkles.
Wakame: Japan’s famous seaweed increases collagen and acts as defence against pollution. It targets internal pollution by detoxifying and expands cellular oxygen to combat external threats.
Barbary Fig: Clinically tested on male skin, Mexico’s cactus-sourced Barbary Fig aims to minimise stress markers from sensory nerve cells to sooth and calm.

Each of these globally-sourced extracts intend to provide an all-encompassing support system. It’s time. Protect your skin.

You can find STOER at Harvey Nichols and STOER will be the official skincare brand of the spring/summer 2018 session of the Grooming Room, which will take place at Century Club in Soho over London Fashion Week Men’s. For more information about the Grooming Room, email: groomingroom@forwardpr.com