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Style Diary: London Fashion Week with Freddy Parker

February 18, 2017

FashionLFW | by Candid Magazine

Our fashion week diarist, Freddy Parker kicked off London Fashion Week in style yesterday attending N&S GAIA’s catwalk show, The Hybrid, before moving on to Fashion Scout’s One To Watch (styled by our Creative Director, Rebekah Roy) and closing with Joshua Kane’s catwalk show held at the London Palladium Theatre. Freddy’s rounded up his thoughts on his first experience at London Fashion Week.

Freddy Parker at the Grooming Room: Women’s Edit launch party at Century Club in Soho last night

London Fashion Week kicked off yesterday and I was really excited to attend a variety of incredible designer shows. After a busy morning I made my way to the N&S GAIA catwalk show at Fashion Scout.

I was really looking forward to the N&S GAIA show and The Hybrid collection did not disappoint. Sidharth Sinha who founded the brand in 2013, is known for his colourful and creative designs, which explore his Indian heritage.

The show was absolutely packed and I was lucky to be sitting on the front row. There was a great mix of people, ranging from celebrities, to press, stylists and influencers.

The collection reflected Sinha’s signature style of colourful, flowing, feminine designs. I actually went to New Delhi in India when I was younger and remember being fascinated by the beautiful clothes and fabrics I saw.

So it was interesting to see how the designer managed to take inspiration from traditional Indian design and turn it into a modern collection. I particularly liked how he paired traditional vibrant colours and Indian embroidery with contemporary cuts.

As an artist it was really inspiring to witness the talent of other creative individuals and see how much pride they take in their work.

I’ve chosen some of my favourite looks:

N&S GAIA 2017
N&S GAIA 2017
N&S GAIA 2017

Next I was off to the watch Fashion Scout’s Ones To Watch. I enjoyed watching the four collections; Orange Culture and Joanna Berling’s pieces particularly caught my attention.

I liked how Orange Culture wove subtle orange into every piece in the collection. The designer managed to recapture a refreshing new shade of orange into each new statement piece.

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I was also a big fan of Joanna Berling’s daring number’s – her designs really stood out. The pieces were bold, modern and minimalist. The loud music complemented the collection and I really liked the futuristic style of both the fashion and the music.

My final show was Joshua Kane. Set in the London Palladium with over 1,000 guests and a live string quartet, I knew it was going to be a memorable show from the moment I walked in. I’ve admired Joshua Kane’s distinctive tailored suits for a while now and it was great to see finally get to see them up close.

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Another highlight for me was the ballet performance towards the end of the show, whereby a mournful story between two lovers was illustrated through dance to Barber’s ‘Adagio’, which gave me goosebumps.

Among the many celebrities in the front row, I spotted Oliver Proudlock, a good friend of Joshua Kane’s.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first day reporting for Candid at London Fashion Week. I was surprised by some of the bolder collections I was drawn to. And I was also fascinated to see just how important the music is for each show, and how closely music and fashion really intertwine.

It was an amazing first day and I can’t wait to tell you more tomorrow.



Words by Freddy Parker