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Susanne Bommer’s pop-up shop in Hoxton’s Daniel Blau Gallery

August 22, 2012

FashionUncategorized | by Danny & Josh



London’s close proximity to Europe never ceases to amaze me, bringing the rarest designers to our clouded streets. Until the end of August, German born and based designer, Susanne Bommer, has a pop-up shop located in Hoxton Square’s Daniel Blau gallery. With all her pieces for sale, this is an exciting opportunity for Londoner’s who aren’t usually offered a glimpse of Bommer’s collection, as she is currently only sold out of Germany.

Susanne Bommer is one of those designers fresh talent envy with a passion- that is, a lustful passion. Her technical knowledge is of the highest level, allowing her pieces to form silhouettes many would only dream. With no fashion design training of my own, I was dumbfounded to hear Bommer’s detailed descriptions in achieving her designs. Cutting fabric on angels, gathering, combining materials, pleating, lining, and so on- this is her personal handwriting, which she proudly upholds throughout all her collections.

For Bommer it is all about making things easy and wearable, but without losing femininity. She wants her woman to be comfortable, to feel stylish, but not overdone. She wants her lady to be able to layer, and coordinate multiple pieces to create individual outfits suitable to her mood, or event. Bommer’s skillful work lies in her choice of fabrics- which are divinely light and soft- her decision of colour pallet –vibrant, yet subtle in their reflection- and of course, her pattern cutting- German proficiency through and through.

Despite her “no-fuss” attitude, her pieces certainly appear complicated; indeed this is because the clothes themselves do all the work. Founded on the idea of multiple purchases, Bommer purposefully designs each piece in mind of another. She swiftly grabs a pink silk lingerie camisole, whilst automatically reaching for a plunging neckline blouse- holding them up to me simultaneously she explains their perfect companionship. The entire interview sees Bommer taking numerous individual pieces, and proving perfect partnerships with most other items- transforming a rail of perceived individual items, into a complimenting wardrobe. Alas, Bommer implores that her designs are sensible and easy, and whilst she wants you to feel feminine, she always wants you to be able to move.



Her brand ethos is to produce honest, and beautiful pieces, as she comically notes- “Why would you want to be a black bird, when you can be a butterfly?”

Words by Stephanie Kukulka.