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The Accessories Edit: SS15

March 30, 2015

Fashion | by Candid Magazine

Often, the most noticeable part of a man’s outfit is the part he doesn’t wear. Accessories can be used every day or once a month, but having the right kit is still essential. They can be used to make a fantastic impression at work but, more importantly, they need to be practical; this list presents ten products that seamlessly blend the gorgeously stylish and ruthlessly utilitarian.

1: Beruccio Berkeley Attaché Case

Handmade from fine Italian leather and guaranteed for 10 years, a Beruccio Case will certainly make a statement; its distinctive red base and obviously high quality metal fittings will tell everyone it’s good but it’s something else that makes it outstanding. The leather, Italian in origin and vegetable dyed, gives the case a gorgeous patina that you’ll fall in love with – if it doesn’t, you may need your pulse checked.Beruccio is well known for the magnificence of its leather bags- they ooze style and panache. I mean, just look at that interior. I can’t think of anything else made to carry stationary that looks that good.

2: SmartTurnOut Help for Heroes NATO Watch Strap

NATO straps like this serve a dual purpose; first, they obviously are used for watches. Secondly, they are far cooler than the usual high-street wristbands you can buy (either interchangeable rubber ones or beads. Good God.) SmartTurnOut’s wristbands are a fantastic way to not only show off a bit of style, but also to show off your colours; they are available in the colours of various universities, schools and regiments. They’re more discreet than wearing your tie everywhere, which is good, but they’re also a lot more interesting than most fabric watch straps. One added benefit of the wristband pictured is, of course, that allows you to do your bit for charity if you should so wish.

3: Shinola Emerald Green Wallet


Shinola has only recently launched in the UK, but has been operating in the US for a few years now, originating in Detroit where they produce true American tooled leather products with a retro feel. The emerald green wallet is comprised of three separate pieces of special (reference to self-patina capability) leather, giving the wallet an alternative look that will suit most casual looks. The wallet market is too dominated by brown and black non-descript identi-wallets, so this stands out amongst them as a breath of fresh air – the slightly minimalistic style and colour will raise eyebrows, no doubt.

4: Chapman Laptop Sleeve

Chapman Bags are a firm operating in Cumbria who are most well known for their shooting and fishing bags, and this iPad sleeve is totally in fitting with their traditional roots. Using Border tweed, this laptop sleeve shamelessly blends the modern and the traditional; the fact that it can also be used as an on-the-go mousepad only seals the sleeve’s appeal as a understated modern must have. It’s one of the very rare laptop accessories that are fetching; most are black, basic fabric affairs or have patterns that appeal to pre-teens alone – this, then, is a laptop sleeve you can be proud of enough to take out in public – but not so pretentious to walk to Starbucks with under your arm.

5: Cote & Ciel Isar Alias

















Produced in fine Italian leather, Cote & Ciel’s take on the rucksack is rather sleek alien looking offering. With two inner compartments and an integrated laptop, however, it’s evidently practical. Amongst the serried ranks of style-less ‘functional’ backpacks, the minimalistic style stands out – every aspect of this bag has been designed to fit in with its ethos. The buckles are polished gunmetal affairs, sleek and elegant, almost Germanic looking, as are the rest of the metal fittings, meaning that nothing disturbs the curves of this bag. Despite looking so good, it’s also comfortable to wear, meaning that it can be used to lug around laptops or heavy files for work.

6: Dent’s Skyfall Leather Gloves

Dents have been in existence for one year less than America. It’s fair to say, then, that they’ve had time to perfect what they do; that’s why they were chosen to provide Daniel Craig with gloves in Skyfall.

7: Swig Executive Hip Flask

Hip flasks have for years been the preserve of drunks and people going shooting, and so usually came monogrammed, in basic leather or tweed (for the adventurous). Swig, however, is aiming to inject the hip flask with a little bit of cool with little numbers like this. Achingly modern, the relative simplicity of its design is what makes it; plain metal, blue leather, white stitching. What’s not to love? If you want a flask that doesn’t make you feel like a 65 year old man. then this is it.

8: Oliver People’s Amanda Hearst Charter Sunglasses

Oliver People’s Amanda Hearst Charter Sunglasses are shamelessly retro – you wouldn’t think twice if you saw them being donned by Kowalski in the original Vanishing Point. The double-bridge look is soon to overtake the large, Wayfarer-style acetate rimmed glasses that are rapidly become so passé thanks to hipster and hipster impersonators and glasses, so blaze a trail before anyone else. This aluminium and acetate wonder is pretty much ageless – when have aviators ever been out of fashion? The tortoiseshell marks it out as a cut above other sunglasses, whilst the striking design is guaranteed to gather both looks and comments – only of admiration, however.

9: Aspinal Leather Hanging Wash Bag

I always find it washbags a little disconcerting; putting my toothbrush in with my moisturiser and my aftershave; the inconvenience of having to empty out everything inside to find the one thing you need. The answer is Aspinal’s hanging wash bag. Italian Calfskin leather compartments mean you can keep everything separate, whilst the fact you can hang it means that you can keep it off the wet side next to the washbasin in your hotel room (we’ve all been there) although it is water resistant anyway. It folds up as well, for ultimate convenience; most importantly, however, it has a whole Don Draper/Mad Men thing going on, and it works.

10: Puma Ferrari Premium Attaché

To celebrate 10 years of close collaboration with Ferrari, Puma have released a small high-end collection taking inspiration from the motorsport’s most illustrious team. In those ten years, Puma has made Ferrari the best dressed team in the F1 paddock and this trend is continued into the accessories market; this Italian made bag is clearly influenced not only by the style and grace of the marque – this bag takes clear inspiration from the technological revolutions Ferrari are famous for. Whilst not a bag to blend into the background, Puma’s offering is subtly stunning enough to gain admiration from those in the know – and who can ask for more?

Tom Jones