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September 14, 2015

DVDFilm + EntertainmentReview | by Francesco Cerniglia


Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively stars in this rather dull, scientifically-ridiculous romantic fantasy about the beautiful Adaline, whose ageing process is dramatically frozen at the age of 29. In her hometown of San Francisco, she discreetly plays out her life, dodging questions about her youthful looks and the people who ask them, fearing they might get close enough to discover her secret. But whenever this fear seems too real, Adaline manages to forge a new passport and open a new bank account – no questions asked. So what was it that caused her uncanny ability to evade the spectre of mortality? Being struck by lightning. During a car crash. The electricity reacted with her DNA. Obviously.

But even the entanglement-avoiding, irritatingly passive Adeline can’t stay in the safe zone forever. Enter Ellis Jones, the first man to win Adeline’s heart in decades. Played by Game Of Thrones star Michiel Huisman, Ellis is attractive and alluring with his dark eyes and rock-hard abs, and it’s not hard to understand why Adeline can’t keep her hands off him. But good looks can only go so far because there’s just no tension in their relationship. Suddenly, a life not dissimilar to that of a runaway convict seems more exciting, and preferable.

After a few dates consisting of wine-accompanied, surface-level heart to hearts and an abundance of mood lighting in Ellis’ painfully self-conscious ‘bohemian’ studio, Adeline is invited to visit his parents’ home. For a woman who can’t even have her photograph taken, it’s strange how willing Adeline is to be paraded as Ellis’ new, shiny toy to his family… But I actually pitied Adeline at this point in the narrative – after years of carefully concealing the truth to those around her, what are the chances that Ellis’ dad, William (Harrison Ford) is a long lost love of Adeline’s whom she shared a brief but intense affair with back in the 60s?!

Inappropriate glances and jaunts into pain-fuelled memories prevail as William finds himself mourning over a woman he knows he’s already lost. Ford saves The Age Of Adaline – longing and agony entwine and, for the first time, the emotion is palpable as Adeline’s secret begins to find a voice.

Before delving into spoiler territory, let’s just say that the closer we get to the film’s climax, the more likely it will be for you to guess where things are headed, especially after the final cheesy plot twist. Personally, I still can’t get over how no one’s even slightly bothered by the fact that Adeline, albeit under fortuitous circumstances and with a huge time lapse, winds up sleeping with a father and his son…

The Age Of Adeline is available on DVD in the UK from September 14th

Lara Businaro