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The Changing Manscape of Men’s Grooming

July 25, 2017

Grooming | by Candid Magazine

Male vanity has gone mainstream – as men are inundated with posts on preparing your ‘Summer Body’ and TV’s Love Island’s male cast members being paraded with (and judged by) their gym-toned physiques, as well as their romantic status. But beyond brotox and biceps, there’s an undercurrent of a more substantial attitudinal shift amongst men and men’s grooming.

From researching a new report: Male Grooming: Beauty’s Final Frontier, it has been discovered there’s been a real change in attitudes towards grooming, skincare and personal style. Men are paying more attention to their looks, but are also becoming more savvy in how they search, shop and use products.

Working with beauty industry expert, Imogen Matthews, beauty insiders and influencers, we explored changing behaviours that are more subtle and cultural than just vanity.

These included insights around three men’s grooming themes:

Gender – men are dismissing the usual ‘For Men’ clichés and claims from brands and looking instead for highly efficacious products, often without any gender associations. Alternatively, they are just stealing from existing female ranges (or their partner’s bathroom cabinet).

‘Selfie’ Individuality – as digital data is increasingly used to channel personal preferences, male consumers expect the same level from grooming brands. Personalisation is key, as men shake off the mainstream uniform looks and build their own personal brand in the process.

Wolf and Badger

To Vanity and Beyond – the taboo subject of men using cosmetics is gradually (and slowly) fading, as men look for enhancement products to mask blemishes, accentuate and sculpt. As Bloomberg reports on the growing appetite amongst Millennials for invasive procedures, however, this trend has raised (well-groomed) eyebrows around ‘lookism’ in society and the workplace.

Words by Louise Barfield

To obtain a copy of the report, please contact Louise on +44 (0) 207 278 1122 or email louise@twobytwo.co.uk Louise Barfield is a brand and marketing specialist working with Two by Two, a London-based beauty brand and communications agency.

All photographs by Ricky Darko for the Grooming Room, of which Candid Magazine is a partner – a VIP event for press, celebrities and influencers that takes place over men’s and women’s fashion weeks in London. Elements include hairstyling, wet shaves, facial grooming, eyebrow mapping, mini makeovers, manicures, collagen masques, eyebrow mapping, skin mapping, live DJs, cocktail hours, fashion, accessories, expert talks and more, from world-class brands.

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