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Top 5: Men’s Moisturisers

August 15, 2014

GroomingLifestyle | by Danny & Josh

Moisturiser is without doubt the most important product for men to have on their shelves. Living in polluted, air-conditioned cities, it’s easy for your skin to feel drained and neglected. Moisturisers make sure that your skin is sufficiently hydrated, fights the signs of ageing and keeps your skin looking fresh and healthy.

To save you tackling the minefield that is shopping for a moisturiser, we took on the task of testing the best men’s moisturisers on the market (Tom Ford, Clinique, The Refinery, Lancôme, Clarins, Nubo, Sisley, Acqua di Parma and Kiehl’s) and came up with our Top 5 Men’s Moisturisers to use this summer.


1)    Kiehl’s, Oil Eliminator 24hr Lotion

Leaving your skin feeling less oily and much fresher, this tea tree scented moisturiser is the perfect day-to-day product. Only needing a little amount, this moisturiser leaves no grease and keeps your skin feeling hydrated all day long.
£21.50 –harrods.com

2)    Clarins, Super Moisture Balm

By far the most hydrating of all the products tested, this is the best for dried out skin. Applying a little amount to your face will instantly re-hydrate your skin and leave you feel refreshed, smooth and softer.
£28 –harrods.com

3)    Lancôme, Rénergy 3D

A more mid-price product, it leaves your skin feeling slightly sticky at first but once you’re over that initial hurdle, it feelings soft, tighter and even leaves a slight glow.
£54 – harrods.com

4)    Nubo, Perfectionist

If you’re looking for the ultimate in smooth skin, this is where to go. Whilst it might not feel like the most hydrating of moisturisers, its definitely the firmest, fastest acting moistuiser we tested. In its compact bottle, its’ perfect for travelling too.
£50 – harrods.com

5)    Tom Ford, Oil Free Daily Moisturiser

Presented in the signature Tom Ford brown packaging, this sleek product oozes the luxury that is associated with Tom Ford. This oil-free moisturiser leaves your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.
£75 – harrods.com

Joshua White