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Spotlight: Trampolene Band

May 9, 2018

Music | by Elspeth Pierce

Candid’s Elspeth Pierce introduces us to Trampolene, the band that uses spoken word to transcend genres and has Liam Gallagher as a fan.

If you’re on the hunt for a band that transcends genres, has audiences moshing to their spoken word lyrics and has a little black book of fans from Liam Gallagher to Pete Doherty, then Swansea-born Trampolene are the boys for you. The sound is described by the Welsh rockers as a ‘noughties British rock and roll band with some punk and spoken word poetry chucked in the mix.’ Sounds like a sonic get up we can get on board with.

Jack Jones on lead vocals decided that after the ‘industry let us down like a cheap pair of tights’ that something different to the atmospheric crooning of their indie counterparts needed to be done, and spoken word was the way in. He told Candid, “I was scared to do it at first, as I felt very vulnerable on stage with no safety net. I wanted to say things I felt I could only say through that medium, and it was important to me when we started the band that I face my fears and do things that took me out of my comfort zone”.

Then followed the meteoric rising which led to a personal request via text from the ‘god-like genius’ himself, Liam Gallagher to support him on his stadium tour. This prolific success didn’t come overnight of course, as musical reality shows would lead us to believe, it came from hard graft on a shoestring budget.

“We put out a mini album (EP) every six months, which helped us build momentum. Due to financial restraints we never knew when we were going to be able to get in the studio to record, so it was difficult to plan the album. In the end we had to record it live at Ray Davies’ Konk Studios as that was the only way to get it done”.

These EPs, titled as a series of Pocket Albums lead to a build up of a legion of loyal fans. He says of this: “hearing two hundred and fifty people sing your songs and poems back to you is pretty special”, and the recording of their critically-acclaimed debut album From Swansea To Hornsey, released late last year.


Photograph: Lee Thomas

Of their Swansea roots, Jack told us, “A lot of my lyrics are based on my experience of growing up in Swansea, the good, the bad, the rough and the smooth. There was a couple of great local Swansea bands who inspired us….none of them got signed or anything but we really looked up to them. They were all quite punk and cool. My favourite two were Nikolai and The Caves… Of course Dylan Thomas has been in my blood since I was born”.

And what of this bulging little black book? Trampolene have supported The Libertines on tour and lead singer Jack plays lead guitar in Pete Doherty’s band. This included playing a headline gig at the reopening of The Bataclan in Paris, a career highlight for Jack. On working with Doherty, Jack says it’s “a bloody rollercoaster of madness, brilliance and utter chaos, but there are some quiet moments, which I savour. I do love him like a brother, and I know he loves me too”.

But it was the life-changing text that Jack nearly deleted that would change the course of the band forever. After a chance meeting at the pub, Liam Gallagher and bass player Wayne Thomas hit it off after a few bevvies. When Jack then received a text asking if they would support him on five dates of his stadium tour signed LG, he thought it was a prank and nearly deleted it. He told us “thank god I didn’t as it obviously turned out to be real”.

And real that dream is becoming. Following the spectacular success of that tour, The band have since been asked by Liam to support him at his massive Finsbury park show on June 29. They will also be playing their proudest show to date, headlining the BBC Introducing stage at Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend this summer in their hometown of Swansea.

Trampolene are playing a headline show on Wednesday 9 May at Scala and have recently been part of a new segment on iconic online music TV show Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV, entitled What’s The Story where artists review their inspirations behind their songs. They recorded an intimate acoustic set of songs outside London’s iconic Alexandra Palace, plus offered viewers a few insights on how the songs materialised, from Rolling Stones guitar riffs to finding song lyrics in a local paper.

See the video below.

See Trampolene at Scala this Wednesday 9 May, The Biggest Weekend, 26 and 27 May and at Finsbury Park with Liam Gallagher on 29 June.

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