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Tribal Texture

April 3, 2012

Fashion | by Candid Magazine



We are in a period of toughness economically and i suppose the escapism of girlish whims is where the designers were heading a bit of carefree fancy. So i suppose you have to admire their creativity. I don’t think i am the only one though who has an aversion to these girly pastel colours, which frankly reminds me more of ice cream and sweets. Names like pistachio and bubblegum pink definitely don’t help it is all just a bit sickly sweet for my taste. I can’t help be reminded of that phrase growing up ‘girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice’, maybe it’s just me.

Well if that is not your cup of tea either, fear not there is a wealth out there still. Think tribal texture. You can feel like your holidaying in Marrakech with all those beautiful rich hues. We can all dream can’t we? It is far more fun to play with these colours and textures and more resilient in the cull that inevitably happens next season. Invest well in your textures and they will add a little playful detail to your wardrobe for years due to their versatile nature.

Burberry is a great example of this with all their fantastic woven elements integrated throughout the collection from accessories to weaves specifically made to carry this reference through onto fabrics. Particularly the use of raffia and leather on the accessories combined with rich colours like ochre, mustard, beetroot and Dark Ink. That is something Bailey is a master of texture as well as being an acclaimed colourist.




If Burberry is sadly out of your price range, you can still have a bit of tribal texture in your wardrobe too like these office sandals i snapped up recently available in mustard or pink. The high street has some great affordable pieces to be snapped up in Cos and Zara. Alternatively raid your local charity shops or vintage treasure trove and grab a unique bargain for a fraction of the price then head down to your local seamstress for any alterations.



Take inspiration from the Burberry colour palate for garments and look for woven accessories in a contrast colour then team with chunky wooden or fabric jewellery. Look to accessory designers Assaad Mounser and Paula Bianco (new collections coming soon) for some more examples of tribal texture play who were both featured in Harper’s Baazar recent editions. Like pastels these colours are strong and can look wrong if you don’t pick one that suites your skin tone. Work them well and it will give your complexion a boost perfect for these summer days….long may they last!


Words by Helen Spencer