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Vancouver Fashion Week Champions Global Menswear

March 11, 2015

AW15Fashion | by Candid Magazine

Vancouver Fashion Week, is one of the world’s largest fashion weeks – second only to New York Fashion Week in North America, and is swiftly nudging its way into fifth position after the “Big Four” in regards to global influence.

Coming up on its 25th season for Autumn/Winter 2015, Candid once again gets the inside scoop with the man that pulls the strings: producer, Jamal Abdourahman. Jamal was in London for London Collections: Men in January and walked us through the menswear brands that will take prominence at the event just after Paris Fashion Week.


Vancouver Fashion Week has quickly been making a name for itself in Britain as the next big fashion capital – what’s the menswear offering like?

VFW has a growing menswear line up. This season we have 20 designers offering menswear, with Connally McDougall showing her first menswear collection, Korea’s Nasty Habit has very interesting gender neutral pieces and Japan’s Atushi Nakashima is a strong catwalk favourite. We also have Marko Feher and his brand FEHER coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina and NIGHT X DAY, JY Kim and Hong Kiyoung coming over from Seoul. Hong Kiyoung’s diverse street fashion is a definite highlight.

What menswear names are you billing as the next big thing in Canada right now?

Hong Kiyoung, YKS, Sara Armstrong and Connally McDougall. Definitely keep an eye on these designers; they are highly anticipated and respected designers in Vancouver and we can expect great things from them this season.

American menswear has never been stronger, or more creative – can the same be said about the menswear designers coming out of Canada?



Do you think Vancouver Fashion Week will ever establish its own menswear fashion week, such as London has with London Collections: Men? 

It is unlikely; we want to remain an accessible global market for all international designers.

What can we expect to see from the showcase in Autumn/Winter 2015?

New designers, emerging designers and an industry partnership with METRO Show retail and wholesale association.

Vancouver Fashion Week takes place from the 16th – 22nd of March at Queen Elizabeth Plaza: 649 Cambie Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Images: FEHER, Nasty Habit, NIGHT X DAY