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Vin & Omi SS19 – Training For The Plastic Revolution

October 3, 2018

Fashion | by Ross Pollard

Candid’s Fashion & Grooming Editor, Ross Pollard takes a closer look at the Vin & Omi SS19 collection.

Vin & Omi always remind me of one of my fave 90s bands, The KLF. Bright, bold, cheeky and with a focus on the betterment of the world.

So, it’s no surprise that they’ve become leaders of positive fashion at London Fashion Week. They’ve launched projects on growing sustainable materials for textile production, cleaning up our oceans and waterways by making fabric from plastics and even setting up their own organic production of latex via an employment scheme in Malaysia.

However, as I often say, all good intentions in fashion become a waste ground if the product can’t stand up as a fashion product in its own right.

Well there are no worries from the avant-garde pair I love above all other abstract designers. The Vin & Omi SS19 collection is vibrant, vicarious and vicious in its probing commentary on the state of our political world.

Vin & Omi SS19

The slogans pointedly called out Trump and his ‘fake news’ claims, the almost neon prints, the animals – for what is a Vin & Omi collection without animals? And, the out-there sculptural art forms of the coats and the earthy tones of the smocks were some of the highlights.

For me though, the standout looks were the multi-coloured dungarees and the wide-legged white trousers. While each and every look says art and beauty, these really captured that summer vibe for me. As bright and brilliant as a hot summer day, this is how I see Vin & Omi SS19.

But alongside the perfection of fashion as art that the pair have consistently achieved, there is an underlying message that all of the industry should hear loudly and clearly – fashion can be as outstanding as you like without hurting people or the planet.

The track that we have to do these things for the sake of creatively viable collections has truly been shattered and blown apart. It’s fitting that the Vin & Omi SS19 collection was shown in St Pancras, as the old ideas of fashion production should be getting the last train out of here.

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