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HD Voice Calls this Christmas with Vodafone

November 27, 2014

Lifestyle | by Candid Magazine

Buster dog

High definition video has been available for years now and has quickly become common place. Now however, Vodafone has launched high definition quality calls to its 3G & 4G customers, for Vodafone to Vodafone calls.

This new technology is available to both business and ordinary customers too, enabling everyone across the entire Vodafone network to get the best possible call quality as long as they are in range of the 3G network.

As part of launching this new technology, Vodafone has launched a range of new videos to highlight how important the best possible call quality can be, making sure that ‘Every Second Counts’. Our favourite video has to be ‘Buster the Dog’ keeping in touch with his owner whilst he is away, using voice and video calling.

High quality calling is especially important during the Christmas and New Year period with friends and family often spread out across the country, everyone wants to keep in touch and its even better to do so with crystal clear HD voice and video calling.

Launching HD voice calling is all part of Vodafone’s wider initiative to make Vodafone the strongest network to consumers. Already having expanded their 4G connection to over 313 cities, towns and districts across the UK, Vodafone are really trying to keep everyone across the UK properly connected.


We love the ‘Buster the Dog’ video. Have you seen it yet? Let us know what you think and see for yourselves how HD voice calling will bring everyone together this Christmas and New Year.


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