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Why Don’t You Do Something?

September 2, 2015

FashionNews | by Camille Lapierre

Voted Most Successful Designer of Your Generation, Alexander Wang has been all over the headlines recently. Not just for his fashion kudos across both sides of the pond but also due to the earth-shattering news that Wang was leaving the helm of Balenciaga after a short three-year tenure (Louis Ghesquière before him was creative director of the French house for over 15 years). The 31 year-old is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his incredibly successful eponymous label with a 10-piece reedition of past cult looks (chosen by fans on Instagram, naturally. Designer of Your Generation and all that); as well as collaborating with charitable organisation DoSomething.org, that helps children in need through social change.

Alexander Wang for Alexander Wang x Do Something

The minimalist self-confessed club kid from San Francisco has called on his rather epic squad of celebrities to model the two t-shirts and one hoodie which he designed especially for the project. A slew of celebrities which would make Taylor Swift’s recent concert showing off of her gaggle of celeb friends pale in comparison, have all posed for fashion photographer Steven Klein in moody black and white snaps. Said celebrity squad comprises nearly 40 artists (singers, models, rappers, actors) who took part in the campaign, each inclined to style their Do Something garb in their own way (cue their Instagram feed for the big reveal). “We felt like, let’s do a campaign and bring together people that we really respect or who have been a big part of our brand, who helped support us, who’ve given us support, been supporting us all these years,” Wang commented about the collaboration. Think Kanye West and illustrious wife, Kate Moss, Rod Steward, Cara Delevingne, Kristen Wiig, rapper Tyga and the likes, who have shilled for their designer pal in this charitable project (50% of all proceeds will go to DoSomething.org)

Kanye West for Do Something
Kanye West for Alexander Wang x Do Something


Cara Delevingne for Do Something
Cara Delevingne for Alexander Wang x Do Something

Wang has gone through many experimental phases with fashion before adopting his signature minimalist black attire and becoming America’s favourite clean-cut-yet-edgy designer of his generation: “I went through many different phases as a kid,” he recently shared with Paper magazine “I was a raver. I was hip-hop… And I went to boarding school for a while, where my look was a weird hybrid of preppy meets grunge: layered polo shirts with lots of ripped jeans.” His fashion cred is thanking him that’s over.

Visit Alexander Wang’s website for more information and/or to shop the 10 year capsule collection and Do Something pieces:  http://www.alexanderwang.com/

Words by Camille Lapierre

Photographs by Steven Klein