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Woolrich Outdoor: Humanity meets Mother Nature

July 29, 2018

Fashion | by Thomas Falkenstedt

For Spring/Summer 2019 Woolrich Outdoor was introduced at Pitti Immagine Uomo 94. Glamping being hyped as the new activity even for the most inveterate city dweller, you need the clothes to go with it. Our not-so-into-camping Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, takes a look at what is offered in the line described as the coexistence of humanity and Mother Nature.

Humanity and nature may seem like two opposing forces, but combined they can create an unparalleled harmony. The Woolrich Outdoor collection has been created in partnership with premium Japanese outdoor brand Goldwin and Woolrich Outdoor had its debut at Pitti Uomo 94. The collection is designed to adapt and modify to help you coexist with the untamed wilderness.

Woolrich Outdoor

Taking inspiration from simple, natural perfections, this season is designed for pursuits from trekking through forest trails, fishing in untapped streams to climbing sheer rock faces. The Woolrich Outdoor SS19 collection seeks to work with the natural world instead of against it, creating an equilibrium between us and the essence of our surroundings.

Woolrich Outdoor

Woolrich uncover inspiration from their archive; as the oldest American outerwear brand, they tell a new story of their future, explored through three distinct narratives.

Woolrich Outdoor

Eco – Versatile construction to enhance simplicity and minimalism.

Woolrich Outdoor

Durability – Natural fibres combine with leading-edge technology to create a hybrid design that maximises strength and durability.

Woolrich Outdoor

Fun – Bridging the gap between our daily lifestyles and the outdoor experience.

Woolrich Outdoor

Whether or not you like nature, there is a chance for you to get one-on-one with it through apparel. I have set out a goal to actually make it out to the wilderness and take it all in for a night or two (as long as it is somewhat mosquito-free). See more glamping outfits here.

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